Biden is deporting more migrant children than Trump

Benjamin Norton
2 min readJan 13, 2022

US deportations of migrant children increased by 30% in 2021, year one of the Biden-Harris administration. 78% of the minors were not accompanied by adults. But the English-language media ignored this.

US government deportations of migrant children increased by 30% in 2021.

In this first year of the Biden-Harris administration, 19,793 minors were deported to Mexico, more than three-quarters of whom — 15,488, or 78% — were not accompanied by adults.

2021 saw the most US deportations of children in five years, including all of the time of the Donald Trump administration.

These are official figures that come from Mexico’s Secretariat for Home Affairs. They were published in the major Mexican newspaper La Jornada on January 3.

Yet 10 days later, there still has not been a report about this in a mainstream English-language news outlet.

All of the migrant children deported by the United States to Mexico in 2021 were from the Northern Triangle of Central America — a region that has been devastated by violence, organized crime, and poverty, fueled by U.S.-backed coups, meddling, and neoliberal economic policies.

The La Jornada article notes that, of the minors deported by the Biden administration in 2021, 51.7% were Guatemalan, 31.8% were Honduran, and 16.5% were El Salvadoran.

While the Democratic Party rightfully criticized Trump for his racist and inhumane anti-immigrant policies, the reality is those barbaric policies have continued under Biden, with little-to-no scrutiny.

And despite how much he tried, the inveterate bigot Trump was not even able to deport as many immigrants as the Obama-Biden administration did.

I discussed this clear political hypocrisy in the video below:



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